We are Earthenherbal Apothecary, we guide you towards recognizing the divine in nature and all of its blessings. We aspire to help people build a deeper connection through the earth in their spiritual workings and ancestral offerings. How do we do that? We provide fresh herbs, oils, and resins that promote a deeper connection to the life within both us and the world around us and guide you towards living a beautiful harmony with nature, and all of the gifts it has provided. Each plant has a life, an essence, and when called upon with the proper respects and gratitude, will lend you its essence in your workings and desires. Every culture has a group of ancestors, people who have passed down thier history and folklores throughout time in many different ways. Many people have picked up these traditions such as ritual bathing, ancestral offerings, spiritual healing through incense, and many forms of ritual and prayer. every culture in the past used roots, herbs and resins to aid in these processes. today, so many people will buy incense and fragrance oil to use in thier workings, without ever realizing these fragrance products are created in a lab, are synthetic and have no true life or essence within them. in using these items, there is much less of a connection to the cultures tradition they choose to practice and continue. in some cases, thier workings are dead, and without life essence other then thier own desires to offer. we've been told to feed our bodies the right fuel to help them thrive. Earthenherbal Apothecary creates 100 % natural from the earth products to aid you in your workings to help you keep the life within your desires. You, your ancestors, guides and all included in your workings deserve the best, and we strive to make sure you have it.